Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi There!

Welcome! I'm glad you found my little corner of the world. I've absolutely loved getting a peek into other people's crafty worlds while I've been working on my little pillow project. I've gotten such insight into other people's process and I'm hoping to share a little of my own. So a bit about me...I'm self taught in my art and I've just listed the first item in my Etsy shop. This is a brand new endeavor and I'm learning my way around this blog and that shop (so please be patient with my first fumblings...I'll get better--I promise!). So what would you like to know? Way back in the nineties I had my own bridal veil business in New York City. Things were so different then but I loved working with brides. Before that, I was a magazine editor. After that, I was a stay at home mom to three amazing girls. Now I'm in awe of the Etsy and internet revolution and how it's changed small business and artistic enterprises.

So that's me and I'm glad I am here. I did it! My first post. I hope you will come back often and let me know what you think. Rita :)


  1. hi rita! i saw you on flickr and redirected myself here! Love it! i look forward to seeing more from you...a magazine editor in NYC? your life is a dream... i have an etsy shop too <3 the virgin

  2. hi sydney!

    thank you sooo much! i started my blog yesterday and it was feeling lonely here all by myself. ysy! someone is really out there. :) thanks for your very encouraging comment! i am going to check out your etsy shop and your blog. welcome!

  3. Heh Rita, Thank you for letting me know about your blog - it looks great so far. I look forward to following your crafting adventures. Best of luck with your Etsy shop too. The early days are the hardest! Best wishes, Carol xox

  4. Thank you for visiting Carol! As a great admirer of your work and blog I appreciate the encouraging words! Rita :)